A tool for browsing related websites, by exploring links between related sites.



Enter a URL into the box below, then press Go!

NOTE: You can't enter URLs containing a / (forward slash) in this box, but you can inside the program. You also can't search by keyword.

This will launch Alexa Browser, containing your URL in the central node, with links to the first 10 related sites in the surrounding nodes.

Double-clicking on one of the surrounding nodes will expand the graph to include further related sites.

Clicking on the 'info' icon above a central node will display a hint window containing a link to Alexa's details for that site and a snapshot image which links directly to the site itself.



The TouchGraph applet works well using all common browsers for Windows. Safari is recommended for Mac OS X.

Requires Java 1.3+, which will be automatically downloaded and installed if necessary. To install JRE 1.4 manually, go here.

The applet is not currently working on Classic Mac OS, due to the lack of Java 1.3.

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Alexa: surf Alexa's related links in a super cool 3-D java applet

Starting Points



Alex Shapiro/ TouchGraph LLC: Java coding for TG_RSL_Browser applet.

Alexa.com: Related website data and analysis.

Alf Eaton: TouchGraph output for feeding the Alexa Browser.

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