Thinkbot is an easy way to find other people who are thinking about the same things as you.

With a simple command, you can search Thinkbot's database of users and chat instantly to someone who shares your thoughts.

  1. Download and install an IM client that supports Jabber conferencing, such as Adium (OS X), Exodus (Windows), Gabber (Linux) or Psi (cross-platform).
  2. Start up your chosen IM client, and create a new account on a public Jabber server (such as, which is free) if necessary.
  3. Add as a new contact.
  4. Thinkbot should appear in your contacts list. If it doesn't, it might be temporarily offline for some reason.
  5. Double-click on Thinkbot's name to open a chat window, then type help for a list of commands:

Type think followed by a list of keywords to add yourself to the database, eg think music software photography politics.

Type find and a keyword to search the database, eg find politics. (Hint: to search for all your stored keywords, just type find alone).

If your search is successful, some user ID numbers will be returned. Type talk followed by a user number to invite that user to chat, and add some keywords to tell them what you want to talk about, eg talk 56 gardening to talk to user 56 about gardening.

When you invite a user to chat, you'll receive an invitation to enter a conference room with that user - press Accept. You may have to wait a little while for the other person to arrive - they'll receive a similar invitation describing the subject of your chat request.

You can add more keywords to your profile by typing think and the new keywords, or clear your profile by typing empty. Words that are very common or shorter than 4 letters won't count.

If someone has helped you out particularly well, I suggest asking them if they have an Affero username, so you can make a donation to a good cause on their behalf.